Friday, June 20, 2008

The Modbook Payoff

One of my main reasons for upgrading to a digital workstation is streamlining my process, both with my story art and self-publishing endeavors.

With my latest sketchbook ALTERNATING CURRENTS, the Modbook enabled me to illustrate and assemble the project in half the time. Though the book features traditional drawings, it is predominantly digital which reduced the amount of scanning resulting in decreased production time.

Of course there is the contention that the book looks too digital and less traditional.  This is simply one way of doing things and if one puts in the time, those digital creations are on par with their traditional counterparts.   

In the end, programs like Photoshop, Painter and Sketchbook Pro are merely tools just like Oils, pastels and watercolors.  The intangible will always be the artist.  

The sketchbook debuts at this summer's San Diego COMIC-CON.