Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun with Color

While in Ventura, California recently I painted part of a hillside using Sketchbook Pro. I imported the the image to Photoshop for color correction and added some texture. It was an impromptu situation so the framing was not optimum. I had to tug and stretch the image in Photoshop to fit in a square, so unfortunately the image looks a bit cropped. Otherwise I was happy with the outcome.


Gerald said...

Hillsides, bushes and clumps of trees are an obstacle when adding color. Even though it's a hill side, I'm sure you spent a good deal of time on coloring this piece. Either way, it turned out nice!

Louie del Carmen said...

It took about half an hour but the challenge for me here was painting in Sketchbook Pro. You can get amazing results using SP but it's not Photoshop as far as painting is concerned. The way SP blends colors is very limited so you have to use more layers compared to Photoshop to get specific results.

This was completely unplanned as well so the composition wasn't the best but for a quick sketch, it turned out okay.

Thanks Gerald!

smackmonkey said...

Looks like you were out in the bright sun when you painted this. When I'm outdoors I have to search for a bit of shade or my Modbook screen develops an amber/yellow cast. Kind of throws off my (rudimentary) color sense. Nice piece. I'll have to get the new Mac version of SBP.