Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Close but no cigar

Here's a drawing demo by caricaturist ANGIE JORDAN on Apple's new iPad using a POGO STYLUS and Autodesk's SKETCHBOOK PRO MOBILE.

As you can see, you can generate fairly articulate and decent sketches using the Pogo and SBP Mobile but as I predicted, it falls short of being a platform to do any kind of professional grade work. Coincidentally , you don't have to own and iPad to try this out as both the stylus and SBP Mobile work on an iPhone.

No Wacom digitizer pad & pen input. No Mac OS 10. No go. Case closed. However the iPad is still a great piece of technology to do everything else.

(Thanks to colleague Chris Battle for alerting me on this video)


The POGO stylus is fairly inexpensive but in todays slow economy, every penny counts. Apparently our brothers and sisters from South Korea have come up with the ultimate in input devices. SAUSAGE LINKS. Yes you heard me. Weiners. Hotdogs. Whatever you wanna call them, if you ever get tired of using your fingers, just use some bratwurst instead! Now try creating your next masterpiece using a Farmer John Dodger dog and Sketchbook Pro Mobile....

(Thanks again to the ever vigilant Chris Battle!)

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