Saturday, January 26, 2008

Accessory Alert: Mattias Folding Keyboard

As helpful as QUICKCLICKS is, sooner or later you're going to need a keyboard, especially if you're used to working with apps like Photoshop and Painter that involve heavy use of keyboard shortcuts.

I've been researching the net for a while and this in my opinion, seems like the most logical solution. This baby folds in half!! Which means it'll fit nicely in one's gig bag.

I haven't demo'd this product yet but at around $60, it can't be any worse than any other keyboard out there in the same price range. Aside from the fact that it does the cool transformy thing, this is a dedicated Mac keyboard. Without it, one would have to settle for a Windows keyboard and would have to suffer through transposing the command, option and control keys. (I've actually tried this and after a while, one does get used to working on it for the most part)

So check it out and see if it works for you... I'll add the MATIAS link to the sidebar as well.


Eric said...

Ok Louie-- Let me give you a HUGE tip (if you didn't already know) for any new tablet user (I got rid of my first PC tablet last February in anticipation for the Modbook).... the Nostromo N50 Speedpad! Link here:
There is a new model out now called the N52. I picked mine up on clearance at Best Buy one day for like $20. Anyways, its a fully customizable game controller keypad built for one hand. The PERFECT substitution (Mac or PC) for a keyboard as you can map any and all keyboard shortcuts to this baby and make them specific to whatever app you are working in at the time. It even has a button to switch into up to 4 modes allowing for even more keyboard shortcuts to be implemented. I highly recommend this one for anyone who wants the power of keyboard shortcuts, but still maintain the portability factor. Nuff said ;)

Louie del Carmen said...

Thanks for the tip Eric!

The N52 is definitely meant for gaming but I can see it's potential for apps like Photoshop and Painter. And it will certainly take up less space in a gig bag.

The Matias folding keyboard is around 10 inches folded so it shouldn't be that bad lugging around either...

Either way, the N52 is another viable accessory to consider.

eric3dee said...

Absolutely-- every app can have its custom buttons.. i.e. I use the d-pad left/right in Flash to skip back/forth frames, the fire button as an undo, the scroll wheel as a zoom... etc. etc.- all very easily customizable.

Louie del Carmen said...


It's definitely worth a look then. I would imagine that if combined with the virtual QUICKKEYS keyboard software, you probably won't miss an actual keyboard much.

Thanks for the follow up! I'll put it up on the sidebar.