Friday, January 25, 2008


Now that the AXIOTRON MODBOOK has begun shipping, I decided it might be good idea for me to create a blog concentrated on all things Modbook. Until now i've posted my Modbook experience on my regular blog RANDOM ANOMALIES. RA is essentially an art blog that covers my experiences as an animation story artist and i'd like to keep it that way.

On this blog i'll be posting art, reviews, updates and general info regarding the Modbook. That includes accessories, software and user feedback. I invite all bonafide users of the Modbook to contribute their info and ideas as well. Owning a Modbook wouldn't be any fun if you couldn't share the experience right?

So here we go!


Mr. Kimberly said...


I've been lurking the boards and I'm eager to hear real-world reports on the modbook.

I'll be curious to see if the touch screen decreases your ease of use on certain apps.

I haven't bought a recent Macbook, did your modbook come with a remote for Frontrow?

Louie del Carmen said...

Mr. K,

So far so good on overall usage. The one thing I definitely avoid (unless I have a USB keyboard attached) are keyboard heavy apps like WORD or even email. Using the latter is obviously unavoidable but using text messaging lingo helps.

It's takes some getting used to going without a keyboard but adapting has been pretty easy so far.

You get everything that comes with a standard Macbook including the Apple Remote and Frontrow software as part of iWork '08.

Thanks for stopping by!