Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Accessory Update: Ergotron LX Desk Mount

The box from arrived today with my order of the ERGOTRON LX DESK MOUNT and needless to say, I was anticipating getting home tonight to try it out.

The specs said that the LX is definitely made of metal but I wasn't really sure what kind and how heavy it was. Lifting the box to needed some flexing of the muscles. Without opening it I was getting an idea how durable the LX might be.

Upon opening the box, I was wading through a whole maze of packaging. From it I could make out spare parts, plastic baggies filled with all sorts of screws and hardware. Pretty intimidating. I'm already telling myself that this could be a late evening sipping coffee while figuring out which end is which.

Amazingly, there is really nothing to the LX. I installed it in about 15 minutes and my Modbook was sitting in it in about 25. There are four major parts: The table mounting post, 1 connecting arm, 1 forearm and the laptop mounting tray. For my initial set up I only installed the forearm that connects to the mounting tray. My art table is not that big and it's a cheapo at that. It's already a little rickety so the less hardware, the better. This whole post was created with the Modbook mounted with a USB keyboard attached. (An ADESSO mini Mac keyboard) And speaking of the mounting tray. I was kind of curious how it works and the kind of mobility it gets. I was doubly curious how it actually secures a laptop while it's mounted. The answer? The tray (which you have to attach out of the box) is mounted on a swivel head with a counter weighed spring so when you remove your laptop, the whole tray swings up. It's designed to accept the weight of a laptop up to 11 pounds.

And what about all that hardware? The LX was designed to fulfill many needs so depending on the situation, there are extra screws, fastening clips and several sizes of hex screw drivers for modifying your set up. So basically I ended up not using most of the hardware. (for now)

I read all the available reviews for the LX before my purchase so I can compare notes. I'll likely be updating on this accessory the more I use it. For now IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS GREAT. Seeing my Modbook freely suspended and mounted on the LX side by side with my WACOM CINTIQ is just overwhelming. My ideal set up is now a reality.

All the LX info is around this blog especially the sidebar.

Now check out the pictures:

25 minutes after unboxing and assembly, I mounted my Modbook on the LX next to my CINTIQ
Sideview- before I connected the Mag-safe power supply, USB and DVI cables
Rearview - Notice that the black mounting tray connects to the arm via a standard VESA mounting plate. According to Axiotron, a VESA type mount will be available in the spring to attach to the back of the Modbook. This means I can have the option of mounting the tablet directly to the LX..... But that kind of defeats getting a portable tablet don't you think?
View directly above the mounting tray. You can easily detach the tray by removing those knurled knobs.
another sideview
Looking up at the LX, there is a provision to run wires and cables through those plastic tunnels running along the length of the mounting post and forearm directly to your machine.
As I mentioned above, when you remove the Modbook, the counter-weighted tray lifts up
A look under the LX sans Modbook.
..... now I'm cooking with gas!! Sitting in between these two makes me feel like Tank from The Matrix.
It looks a little gnarly with all those wires but it's a quick demo. I'll need to tidy things up later.
... it almost looks kind of hospital-ish doesn't it?
.... euphoria has just set in folks....


Dani said...

This looks really cool. Can you post a close-up picture of how the mount attaches to the desk? Thanks so much for the review.

Louie del Carmen said...

I'll post an update Dani - Thanks.

michelle said...

Looks great! By the way, Ergotron has just launched a new white paper on more comfortable computing if you are interested:

Hodges said...

If you had to choose between the cintiq or the modbook which would it be? and in terms of drawing performance is the modbook really on par with the cintiq? I have to say that is one hell of a setup you have there, your just missing a DS with colors...

Louie del Carmen said...


Thanks for the Ergotron link. I've checked it out and they give really practical suggestions on how to organize ergonomic work stations.


Both devices offer the same functionality as far as digital drawing is concerned. However there is a marked difference in pen sensitivity between the two. The Cintiq trumps the MB in the sensitivity department but the MB is no slouch either.

The biggest and most obvious advantage the MB has is portability while the Cintiq is more precise and the drawing surface and user feedback is way better.

So clearly I do have the best of both worlds.

bishart said...

did the arm come with a mounting tray for the modbook? or did you have too buy one separatly?

David said...

Is this the Ergotron LX Desk Mount Notebook Arm?

I only ask because the one with out Notebook in the name seems to only have a mounting brace to attach to a monitor.

Steve Curcuru said...

This is how I would set the Modbook up at home with my Cintiq, thanks for posting these photos.

By the way, can you use the same pen on both devices? I'm guessing the Cintiq only recognizes Intuos3-compatible pens, and not the Graphire pens used by Modbook.

Otherwise, it would be great to use the same stylus on both screens!