Saturday, February 2, 2008


Reader Terence brought up some functionality issues regarding the ERGOTRON LX DESK MOUNT via AMAZON.COM that he had read. I followed up and checked them out and they are worthy of mention. The product rates overall at around 5 stars and the gist of the complaints are centered around the laptop platform and it's apparent inability to hold anything over 6-7 pounds without easily tilting down. (The LX states the cradle will hold up to 8-12 pounds) It's important to note that the MODBOOK weighs around 5.2 pounds so that is something to consider if you are thinking of purchasing the LX.

My response to Terence regarding my proposed use of the LX can be viewed HERE.


iRabbit said...

Hey Louie,

ModBook supposedly weighs on 5.2 pounds :)

More importantly, I wanted to invite you over to the new ModBook Forums I set up that are now integrated into the gallery. We'd love to have you! I'm sure you can provide lots of tips and tricks!

Hope to see ya there!

Louie del Carmen said...

Thanks Amy. My bad for not proofreading my post... It does weigh 5.2 lbs. I meant to type that the platform supposedly supports 8-12 lbs.... I'll set it straight.

I'll be sure to visit the forums so thanks for the invite.